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New intelligence reports and associated material from the BCSE

Deails as at December 2010

We have new reports on Michael Behe in Britain and the Centre for Intelligent Design (updated). Our blog and community forum have informed discussions on Michael Behe's "tour" of the UK promoting the centre's aims. We've also got a pile of hard questions the public and interviewers might like to ask Professor Behe about his creationism.

Our very recent reports cover the fundamentalist, frightening Northern Irish Caleb Foundation - see also Caleb Foundation Part 2, the Democratic Unionist Party's promotion of Creationism - Paisley's Party Backs Creationism in Schools - and a thorough and disturbing Update on Northern Ireland. Our reports and research, all available for free here on our wiki, cover a wide range of deeply disturbing and topical creationist issues.

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