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AJ Monty White is, in a sense, the head creationist in Britain as he is CEO of the UK arm of Answers in Genesis. He holds a PhD in chemistry (gas kinetics) but, apart from 2 years as a post-doctoral fellow, has basically never practised the subject, having, for most of his career, been an administrator at the University of Cardiff. His PhD is from Aberystwyth. White appears to suggest he studied geology as an undergraduate but switched to chemistry for his finals.

As CEO of AiG in the UK, he is, in practice, a full time evangelist for his religious opinions. However, White has been pushing the AiG line for years complete with its hideous misquoting and mis-representation. He’s basically chief propagandist for a fundamentalist religious movement. By no stretch of the imagination is White a working scientist; he has only two years of such experience and that dates back to the 1960s. He basically dropped out of science at an early stage in his career and his track record as a scientist is thus almost wholly undistinguished. Most of his professional knowledge of science is undoubtedly years out of date.

White is one of the 50 “scientists” in “In Six Days: Why Fifty Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation” by John Ashton. White had not been a scientist for years before this book was published but it is standard fundamentalist practice (by necessity) to deceive (lie, it’s the same thing in this case).

Still as a PhD graduate White knows all about the peer review process and, as a full-time employee of AiG why the latter’s version has been near criminal. In 2002/3 AiG was conducting a policy where it insisted that it review all creationalist books. It charged for doing so. If the author failed to agree to this AiG then rubbished the book. That’s called blackmail and was exposed by John Mackay.

Yet White is active in peddling AiG publications and recommended books all over the place. AiG shifts some 5 million books, pamphlets, DVDs and other material promoting its pseudo-science a year. Revenues from these help pay his salary. Still, intellectual integrity is not a strong point amongst fundamentalists.

Thus White is one of the more dangerous fundamentalists in the UK; Answers in Genesis appears to have an annual income of US$12 million a year. AiG has had two additional full time members of staff, Philip Bell and Paul Taylor. (At the time of writing, Bell appears to have left and has not yet been replaced.) Whilst all are active in proselytising, AiG UK appears to have deeper roots in the fundamentalist movement than would first appear.

White is not neutral in trying to get his religious opinions and pseudo-science taught in schools. His position on fundamentalist schools in the UK are detailed on AiG’s web site. This is what he says about the Vardy-backed, King’s Academy in Middlesborough:

"We welcome the establishment of this new school on Teeside. We are pleased that biblical creation will be taught alongside evolution. As a result, we believe that the pupils will see that evolution is not supported by mountains of scientific evidence but that it is a faith position. This new school needs our prayerful support."

The Vardy schools are notorious because of their attempts to teach creationism to children and dismiss main stream science. See how White confuses his religious opinions with science. He states as a FACT that the scientific theory of evolution is wrong. Equally as bogus a claim is that evolution is a faith position (this nonsense has been pulled apart time and time again but, as I say, fundamentalists lie out of necessity, habitually and repeatedly).

White is no layman in the issues of education. Until joining AiG full-time his entire career has been in education, which, I guess, is how he got the top job at AiG in the UK. For example, he has been a student advisor in the Dean of Students Office at Cardiff University and has been an Editorial Consultant to and a member of the Editorial Steering Committee for Educational Courses in Britain and America.

White, even by fundamentalist standards, is a hard-liner. In the Spring of 2005 he told the BBC that there is not a shred of real evidence for evolution of life on earth (see

He believes that there was no death (amongst animals?) before Adam and Eve and that evolution is not compatible with his religious opinions (to be precise, he was much more arrogant than this, claiming that “evolution is not compatible with Christianity” – never mind that most Christians believe otherwise. Intellectual honesty appears not to be his strong point.)

One of White’s beefs is that British Bible colleges do not teach his creationist views. However, White appears to be getting his finger into this sector as well. According to AiG’s web site, White teaches in a Bible college in Handsworth in Birmingham although he appears to have no theological qualifications.

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