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Gwyneth Evans

Gwyneth Evans is Vice Principal of Emmanuel College, one of the three Vardy schools. It is a relatively recent appointed for the history teacher who was previously head of history at Castle View Comprehensive School in Sunderland. It is understood that she succeeded Gary Wiecek as Vice Principal at Emmanuel College.

However, she appears to have been closely involved with the educationists in the fundamentalist movement in North East England before she joined Emmanuel College.

She is author of The Teaching of History : A Biblical Perspective (the Christian Institute, 2001, ISBN 1 901086 16 X). The booklet is one of a number of small tomes of the same family published by the Christian Institute in which what appear to be fundamentalist teachers present their case for bringing their religion into their subjects. Tomes include history, mathematics and music.

It appears that they were part of an initiative of the Institute targeted at teachers in general. They were published around the turn of this decade. Moreover, most of the authors were or became teachers at Vardy schools.

That Evans appears to be a hardline fundamentalist is confirmed by a paper (currently in the site of the Christian Institute that she presented (at Emmanuel College, surprise, surprise) in 2001. It can be found at – it looks to be the same presentation that was made into the Christian Institute’s booklet.

To quote: “As Christians our ultimate, authoritative and inerrant framework of reference is Scripture and we acknowledge that there are absolute truths and values, which are God's overall purpose and movement in history.”

“In pursuing knowledge fallen man tries to relegate God, denying his existence and regarding God’s overarching plan as totally irrelevant and even preposterous. Man sees himself as God and the source of history. The Christian historian ought to examine evidence critically and reach his judgement based on Biblical absolutes.“

“In practice how does a Christian historian differ in approach from an unbeliever?”

“The historian who sees man as the source of history will always look for the causes of events. His modus operandi is to trace cause and effect.”

“The Christian historian on the other hand knows that ultimately God is the cause of all events.”

This is the sort of religious absolutism that many educated middle class parents find so totally abhorrent. It flies straight in the face of mainstream religion and looks like the product of the mentality of the extremes of Northern Ireland.

Which isn’t surprising. After the author made the above comment he found that Gwyneth Evans comes from Northern Ireland. She studied at both Middlesex University and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. At one stage she taught history and religious education for four years at Norham High School in North Tyneside.

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