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David Rosevear

David Rosevear

David Rosevear PhD, was a senior lecturer in chemistry at Portsmouth University. He is head of the Creation Science Movement, also based in Portsmouth. However, from perusal of its accounts, it appears that Rosevear draws no salary from the organisation. He was one of the 27 signatories to the Estelle Morris letter and appears to have been chairman of CSM at the time (not disclosed) but, by that time, had left Portsmouth University. The letter, though, gave his position as former senior lecturer at the university.

This is yet another reason why we are so uneasy about the Estelle Morris letter.

Rosevear appears to have headed up the establishment and funding of the Genesis Expo “museum” of the Creation Science Movement. Nowadays he also edits (and looks to largely write) the organisation's journal but it is exceedingly thin stuff.

According to this site (which is a bit out of date) Rosevear was a Member of Council of the Creation Science Movement, the last seventeen years as its Chairman (as of 2003). Over the period 1995-2000 he oversaw the building of the Genesis Expo.

The same source states that Rosevear has chaired 5 of the 7 European Creationist Congresses. He has lectured on the evidence for Creation from Los Angeles to Moscow, including Poland, Romania and most Western European countries, as well as speaking at two dozen universities across the UK.

He is also author of Creation Science - Confirming that the Bible is Right (in English, Czech and Russian).

Rosevear is one of the senior “creationists” in the UK and has clearly been a serious activist over the years.

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