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"Virtually every discipline and endeavour is presently under a naturalistic pall. To lift that pall will require a new generation of scholars and professionals who explicitly reject naturalism and consciously seek to understand the design that God has placed in the world,"
~William A. Dembski. 1999. Intelligent Design. Downers Grove, Ilinois: InterVarsity Press, 1999. pp. 120-121.

Below, you will find links to articles discussing anti-science claims made by creationists, including their attempts to erect an inaccurate divide between mainstream religion and evolutionary science. For more information on the sciences being attacked please see the science section.

Creationism in the broadest sense is the belief that the existence, nature, or development of the Universe is the result of some kind of purposeful activity by a supernatural being. As a broad philosophical or religious position, this is compatible with the practice of science, which can then be regarded as the study of the manner in which this supernatural being operates. BCSE is neutral on this, as on all religious issues, provided it is not used to deny, replace, or undermine science.

Our concern is with the modern Creationist movement, allied to religious fundamentalism and biblical literalism, and often also to specific political agendas. This considers humankind, and different species in general, to have been produced by separate acts of special creation, rejects the historical fact of biological evolution, commonly denies the evidence for the antiquity of the Earth, and is therefore fundamentally incompatible with our entire body of knowledge in the areas of biology, geology, astronomy, and cosmology. Creationists in this sense seek to undermine science education, and the public understanding of science. They are active, well funded, and politically organised in the US and increasingly in the UK, as well as in other parts of the world.

We consider Intelligent Design to be part of this Creationist movement, on the basis of overlapping personnel and resources, closely related attempts to undermine established science, and the shared rejection of natural in favour of untestable supernatural explanations of natural phenomena.

All through this section, and indeed the website, please bear in mind the following advice: gods are as real as atheism or any other ideological practice - that is to say, they are embedded in social practices.


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