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Colin Reeves

Colin Reeves is Professor of Operational Research in the School of Mathematical and Information Sciences at Coventry University. His personal web site is at http://www.mis.coventry.ac.uk/~colinr/.

He is believed to be an IDer. However, he has had articles published by the creationist Biblical Creation Society so he may be a YECer. See http://www.biblicalcreation.org.uk/bcs_publications/bcs071.html for October 1998 and January 1992 for details of the organisation's creationist journal where he has had articles published.

Reeves was not a signatory to the 2002 Estelle Morris letter. He has signed the Discovery Institite's list of scientists (and others) who express scepticism about the basis of the theory of evolution. However, several young earth creationists have also signed this list so it it not really evidence that Reeves is an IDer.

Here is a letter from Reeves published in the Daily Telegraph on 31st January 2006 which seems to suggest he is an IDer:

''Sir - Stephen Meyer's article (Opinion, January 28) on intelligent design was a thoughtful and calm outline of the background to the debate.
In my own research area of evolutionary algorithms, intelligent design works together with evolutionary principles to produce better solutions to real problems.
Sometimes the results are novel and surprising, but, on reflection, they were always inherent in the initial formulation. Without the initial activity of an intelligent agent, the evolutionary mill has no grist to work on.
As molecular biology advances, the Darwinist dogma becomes ever more implausible as an explanation for the sort of complexity that Meyer describes.''
of Colin Reeves, Rugby, Warwickshire
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