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Answers in Genesis

"No apparent, perceived or claimed evidence in any field, including history and chronology, can be valid if it contradicts the Scriptural record." - Answers in Genesis' Statement of Faith

Answers in Genesis (usually abbreviated to AiG) has its origins in Australia but is nowadays a US headquartered organisation with a branch in the UK usually refered to as AiG UK or AiG UK/Europe. The original Australian parent of the US organisation is now called Creation Ministries International and is based in Brisbane in Queensland. However, the US arm broke off in early 2006 taking with it the UK operation and leaving the Australian organisation with operations in Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.

Answers in Genesis UK is based in Leicester and employs approximatly 11 people of which its head, Monty White, and street proselytiser Paul Taylor are the public names. Robin Greer has also recently joined the organisation.

Answers in Genesis UKís trustee, the Rev Ian Smith McNaughton is also deeply involved in the Lordís Day Observance Society (now Day One Christian Ministries). He is understood to be Scottish Secretary of the organisation. He was previous pastor for the Hoylake Evangelical Church (FIEC) in the Wirral.

AiG UK claims to be an independent "sister" organisation of the American Answers in Genesis but, in practice, we have severe doubts that this is the case. Two AiG US staffers, including Ken Ham, are trustees of the UK operation and the two operations share the same web site, even for selling material (books, DVDs, journals, etc..).

There is no doubt that Answers in Genesis UK is the biggest dedicated creationist group in the UK and in overall size is on a par with the Christian Institute. It appears to have an annual income now running at £500k-600k.

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